Marion Hochar Ibrahimchah

Marion was born in 1953, she grew up in a family of seven: her father Gaston, her mother Marcèle, and her siblings, Serge, Ronald, Josette, and Andrée.

She attended Notre Dame de Nazareth school in Beirut, and graduated from the American University of Beirut in 1975, with a degree in Mass Communication.

She worked in her specialty at Procter and Gamble, promoting and marketing different products and brands of large American corporations, including Philip Morris, Marlboro, Cruiser, and many more. Marion married Mr. George Ibrahimchah in 1985, and had two children, Alexandre and William.

Marion spread positive vibes; her mesmerizing smile was a ray of hope on a bad day.

She was a perfect wife, and an excellent mother, full of life, loving and kind; she was a smart, creative, and dedicated career woman. She had it all. Marion was also passionate about Arts, which was fairly obvious in her manners, and positive mindset. She supported and funded multiple initiatives, and encouraged students to take on artistic activities. This pushed the director of the Archeological Museum of the American University of Beirut, Ms. Leila Bader, to call Marion to ask her if she would be willing to replace her as a director, after her upcoming retirement. But fate had other plans for Marion; she died while she still had so much to give.

On that Tuesday afternoon, Marion was home, in Sursock, facing the Port of Beirut, reading the newspaper. When she saw a black smoke above the port, she asked her husband if there was a fire, and as soon as her husband Georges walked towards the window, a first explosion was heard, sending a strong shock wave that pushed him backwards. A few seconds later, the second explosion killed Marion when she got trapped under a door. She was immediately evacuated to Hotel Dieu Hospital, and according to the medical report, she died of an extreme hemorrhage.