Mohamad Ahmad Abbas

Mohamad grew up in Al-Saksakiya – South Lebanon, and attended school in a nearby village. After his graduation, he moved to Beirut and earned a master's degree in Telecommunications Engineering from AUL. He was also passionate about literature, and earned an additional degree in English Literature from the Lebanese University.

Mohamad attended multiple telecommunications engineering training workshops, and he was a genius in his specialty. He was self-made, and worked hard to afford his university tuition, yet, he still found the time to volunteer with the Lebanese Red Cross. He was also interested in football, and played twice a week.

On the career front, he could not find a job matching his expectations. He worked in Lebanon for a short period of time, then travelled to an African country to work with a telecommunications company. His wife Samia who traveled with him, talks about him saying: "He was strong even when he was sick or in pain, he was loving and extremely self-confident, he would never let me down".

Mohamad was a very positive person, except when it came down to death… He always spoke about death and imagined different scenarios for whatever would happen after someone's passing.

When Mohamad and his family tested positive for covid-19, they returned to Lebanon seeking treatment. They flew in a private plane because his condition was very critical. He suffered from two strokes worsening his prognosis, and he was immediately admitted to the intensive care unit at Saint George Hospital, while his wife and kids quarantined at home.

On August 4, Samia called the hospital to check on her husband's condition. The nurse told her he was showing improvement and will be moved to a regular room… She couldn’t finish her sentence when the line cut. Samia tried to call again and again to no avail… She did not know about the explosion… At 8:30 PM she was dead worried. She called again, and they told her there was an explosion. They said Mohamad was fine, and they were trying to transfer him to another hospital… She was not relieved, and she discovered Mohamad's death through social media around 2:00 AM… He suffocated to death; the explosion's shock waves stressed him so much that he bit on the mechanical ventilator's cable.