Mohmad Nour Doughan

Mohamad Nour was a loving, caring, and generous husband. He was always ready to unconditionally help others. He was also a devoted, perfect father.

"Nour", as his wife Samia liked to call him, was born in 1974. He was an active child, who loved taking risks and adventures. He was a fearless troublemaker, with a strong character and attitude. Nour succeeded in every single venture. He loved life, and always spread positive vibes. He helped people waiting for nothing in return.

Mohamad Nour married Samia ten years ago, and they had 9-year old twin daughters, Louna and Léa. He worked as a supervisor for a private company at the Port of Beirut. He was on good terms with every other employee, regardless their religion or where they came from.

On august 4, Mohamad Nour's shift was from 3:00 PM until 6:00 AM the next morning. That morning, before he went to work, he spent beautiful quality time with his wife, recalling memories from their youth. It felt like he was saying his final goodbye.

When she heard the explosion, Samia freaked out and turned on the TV to know what happened. Media channels reported an explosion at the Port of Beirut. She had a bad feeling in her gut; although they had spent a great time a few hours earlier, she was scared something might happen to break that joy. Watching the news, she had a feeling she might have lost her soulmate.

She got even more anxious when she couldn’t find her husband. She asked at the port and looked in different hospitals throughout the city, and there was no news of him. Unfortunately, a while later, she found him dead, in a hospital’s morgue.

At 6:07 PM, Nour was in his car running an errand, metal debris hit him in the neck, and he died instantly.

Samia never thought August 4 will orphan her twin daughters who are convinced their father is with God in heaven so he can be more comfortable. According to Samia, Mohamad Nour is a martyr, who was cheated by his country, breaking her heart forever.