Tanios Murr

Tanios grew up in a large family of ten, two parents, five daughters, and three sons. Back at the time, priority was for vocational training that would create income generating career opportunities.

He became a tailor and started working with big designers, but during the Lebanese civil war, and the difficult security situation that ensued, fashion houses closed their doors. Tanios worked for a while in shipping and trade, but it was a matter of time before he went back to his original profession. He was passionate and very creative.  Everyone who worked with him was appreciative of his talent. He worked for decades with renowned local fashion designers, to execute their fancy designs.

Toni, as he was called, was loving, generous, helpful, and caring. He married Nawal in 1981, and they had three children, Roni, Henri, and André. He was a loyal husband and a model father who dreamed of a bright future for his sons, and sent them to study abroad. Lately he was sewing at home, supporting his wife's small business. They were planning a trip to visit their children in London like they used to. They bought the tickets, and were supposed to leave on August 7. But fate had another plan for Toni.

On August 4, 2020, Toni was with his wife attending a business meeting in Gemmayze. At 6:07 PM, a huge explosion rocked the city, and Toni was wounded. Minutes passed like hours. It was hell on earth. Despite the injuries his wife sustained, she pulled herself together, and called for help to save her husband. She evacuated Toni to Wardiye Hospital but it was out of service because of the explosion, she went to Jeitawi Hospital, but it wasn’t much better. She also tried Saint Joseph Hospital but he was not admitted. They finally arrived to Haroun Hospital that admitted him while he was breathing his last. He died, and according to the medical report, his death was caused by extreme bleeding and physical injuries.